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HP's new 'virtual reality' display will break down barriers at CES

HP Zvr Virtual Reality display
The Zvr is an HP display with stereoscopic 3D

HP is bringing its display A-game to CES 2015 this week, and chief among its brand new monitors is the HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display.

The Zvr uses something called "zSpace" technology with a 23.6-inch HD stereoscopic 3D display, full-motion parallax and touch interaction to let users navigate 3D images and spaces.

HP says it's part of the company's "Blended Reality" line and helps "reduce the barriers between the digital and physical worlds."

The HP Zvr is also compatible with HP's zView, a real-time sharing and collaboration platform for 3D models on 2D screens.

The applications for creative professionals seem limitless. HP expects to launch the Zvr in Spring 2015.