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WhatTheFont review

Serif? Sans? Humanist? We'll never know

An interesting application that is let down by the iPhones poor camera

Our Verdict

A good attempt and a decent service, but the iPhone's camera lets it down


  • Interesting premise


  • Limited real world use
  • Sometimes wrong
  • Let down by the camera

Ever looked at a page and wondered what font has been used? WhatTheFont promises to end this dilemma once and for all, turning your iPhone into a handy font detective powered by MyFont's service of the same name.

The theory is sound, but a couple of things let it down. First, the backend service itself isn't infallible, and because it doesn't – can't, surely – know about all the fonts in the world, you will sometimes slip it something it can't identify exactly. (In those circumstances, however, it does provide some close matches, might be enough for you.)

No, the main problem is – drumroll, please – the iPhone's camera. Never mind that it produces images that are soft, poorly exposed and noisy; the big stumbling block is that the lens can't focus closely enough to take usable images of anything under about 40pt.