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Panasonic TH-65PX600 review

65 inches of stylish home cinema excellence

The 65PX600 looks every inch a domestic affair, thanks to its slick black bezel and trendy silver subsection

Our Verdict

Rich audio backing up its king-sized pictures, make it a sensational big-screen option.


  • Superb pictures, sound and features


  • It's not exactly cheap

The 65PX600 looks every inch a domestic affair, thanks to its slick black bezel and trendy silver subsection. The speakers are removable too, enabling you to position them away from the TV if you wish.

The 65PX600 is very much a TV rather than just a screen, with a built-in digital TV tuner being combined on the connectivity front by a seriously impressive three- HDMI line-up, component jacks, a PC port, three Scarts and even an SD card slot for direct playback of digital photos.

Pleasingly, Panasonic has equipped the set with the highest grade 'Pro' version of its V-Real image processing, which applies a raft of algorithms that constantly optimise the panel's performance according to whatever image content is being shown.

It's also worth stating that one element of V-Real converts all incoming images into 1080p before reproducing them onscreen. This provides a hefty clue as to the PX600's biggest single feature claim to fame: a 'Full HD' native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Bombarding the 65PX600 with a feast of film and sport footage reveals it to be a truly awesome performer. Full of impact right from the off is how credible and subtle colours look, especially thanks to the way the Full HD resolution helps the TV resolve immaculately subtle colour blends.

Also striking, after seeing so many LCD TVs recently, is how crisp and detailed players look as they charge across a football pitch, and this is a result of the plasma technologies that produce hugely faster response times.

The black side screens used during a World Cup Cricket match, meanwhile, look pitch black on this Panasonic - yet full of subtle shadow details - thanks to its outstanding black level response, and the extra resolution in the 1080p panel helps the TV render with terrific clarity seemingly every blade of grass on any sports pitch.

Inevitably, the 65PX600 delivers its very best pictures with high definition sources, but the V-Real system's talents also make it far more agreeable with standard definition than you might expect such a large screen to be.