Insta360’s new phone gimbal is the world’s first with Apple’s subject-tracking tech – and it’s a major DJI OM 6 rival

Insta360 Flow Pro phone gimbal with iPhone attached making video
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Insta360 has followed up its Flow phone gimbal with a new version enhanced for iPhone, the Flow Pro. 

We already rate the DJI OM 5-rivalling, multi-purpose Insta360 Flow as one of the best phone gimbals for mobile filmmakers. Now Insta360 is bidding to go one better with the Flow Pro, which is the world's first phone gimbal to utilize Apple's DockKit subject tracking feature.

In addition to DockKit integration (which works through the iPhone's native camera), the Flow Pro gimbal boasts AI-powered Deep Track 3.0 tracking and animal detection tracking modes through Insta360's app for iOS and Android devices, new 360-degree 'infinite pan tracking' functionality and a new LED tracking ring light that indicates when tracking is active.

Most other features, plus the Flow Pro's overall design, are much the same as the foldable Flow gimbal, meaning you get superb 3-axis stabilization to smooth out your on-the-go video, a magnetic phone clamp with one-tap NFC connectivity for quick start-up, plus a built-in selfie-stick and tripod for versatile operation. 

The Flow Pro is fitted with a 2,900mAh battery that's rated for up to 10 hours run time, while filmmakers can make use of Insta360's app for quick video edits. The Insta360 Flow Pro costs $149 / £139 / AU$229.

An enhanced gimbal for iPhone filmmakers

DockKit is Apple's AI-powered subject tracking for video capture and live streaming which was launched last year for the latest version of the iPhone's native camera app. 

The tool is already supported by the Belkin Stand Pro which was announced at CES 2024, and Apple announced further DockKit tech developments at WWDC 2024. Now we can add the Flow Pro to the list of DockKit enabled devices.

The Insta360 Flow Pro also has a Deep Track 3.0 subject tracking feature, but it's only available when you shoot through Insta360's third-party app. 

The trouble with third-party apps is that they don't usually offer the same advanced options as a phone's default camera for users who want to tweak video settings – and that's a compromise that many advanced iPhone filmmakers won't want to make.

With the Flow Pro, you don't need to use that third-party camera app to gain subject tracking (although you can), but you can instead use the default iPhone camera or FaceTime with Apple's subject tracking, with all those advanced video settings. The choice between the two camera apps is a big boon for iPhone filmmaking usability. 

We're currently working on our in-depth Flow Pro review. But based on our experience with the Flow, we can assume the Flow Pro will also deliver superb stabilization for video. And now with the integration Apple's subject tracking tech, it looks set to be a superb iPhone accessory for filmmakers.

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