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Facebook review

The popular social networking site - optimised for your iPhone

Facebook, on the iPhone


  • Faster and slicker than the web app.


  • No Facebook Chat

Facebook's iPhone-optimised website is one of the best around, so we had high hopes for the native application. It's certainly faster than the web app, and it feels slicker and more consistent with the iPhone's user interface.

While the very first release lacked a few features that many regarded as essential – no way to write on walls, or see users' photos, things the web app were perfectly capable of – the quickly-released 1.1 version of the app added in these and more. There's a dedicated photo capture button that can upload your photos directly to Facebook, too, and of course you can now upload photos that you've taken previously. Once the Push Notification Server is rolled out, this will get even better, especially with Facebook Chat.