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Asus Bravo 9500 review

A mysterious device confuses our graphics card experts

Asus Bravo 9500
This card has been designed with home cinema enthusiasts in mind and is packing a DVI and a HDMI output

Our Verdict

A fairly good product with the media PC builder in mind but it wont play the latest and greatest games


  • 512MB graphics memory
  • GeForce 9500GT processor
  • PCI-Express interface
  • DVI, HDMI and VGA connections, USB light sensor


  • Media centre software

Nvidia's 9500 chip in the Bravo is certainly not bad for the home cinema enthusiast. You won't be playing high-end games on it (although it will handle them), but it plays video very well and includes HDMI and DVI-out for connections to a digital television.

The light sensor is good, but not great – you can't beat a properly-calibrated monitor. The remote serves its purpose, but more specialised media centre remotes are far better at the job.

Asus has included some software, which needs to be installed to access the Splendid light calibration function.

The media centre software is appalling – Windows Media Center performs a lot better. If you're building a budget media centre PC from scratch, we would recommend the Bravo.

If you've already got a set-up, the only thing to really recommend is the Splendid light sensor, which we're sure we'll be seeing included with upcoming Asus graphics cards anyway.

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