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Amazon Video just made its offline downloads a lot more useful

Samsung microSD

Amazon Video just made a small tweak to its offline downloads that should give users more options when it comes to viewing content.

Amazon has allowed you to download movies to watch offline since September last year, but until now users have been limited to storing these files on their phone or tablet's internal storage.

But now users will have the option of downloading movies and TV shows to their Android device's SD card, which should make it a lot easier to download an entire season of a show without having to delete half of your installed apps first.

Swapping cards

Considering that most people keep their media on their device's SD cards this move makes sense, and should help Amazon users make more effective use of their storage.

It should also benefit anyone who's limited by the size of their phone or tablet's internal storage, with the maximum size of SD cards having exploded in recent years.

Earlier this year Samsung announced the world's largest microSD card, with 256 GB of storage – which should have the capacity to hold enough video for the longest of long plane rides.

The feature isn't available for iOS, as iPhones don't allow external storage cards to be used.