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Samsung Chromebook: Official video arrives

Samsung Chromebook - Series 5
Samsung Chromebook - Series 5

An official video has arrived for the Samsung Chromebook, with the first Chrome OS notebook shown off by the Korean electronics giant.

The Samsung Chromebook has quickly jumped onto our watch list for 2011 tech – with the thin and light Chrome OS laptop bringing a host of exciting features.

The 12.1 inch screen and Intel Atom dual-core processor put this right on the boundary between a laptop and netbook, but it is the operating system that most marks it out as a little bit special.

Chrome OS

That's because the Chromebook runs Google's Chrome OS – an operating system that it designed to take advantage of the cloud rather than keeping all of your data and programs on your hard drive.

You can watch the official video, introducing some of the features including the sub 10 second boot time and the quick recover from sleep.

The Samsung Chromebook 5 series has a UK release date of 24 June, and will be priced at £399 for the 3G version and £349 for the Wi-Fi only flavour.