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Samsung launches second 'multiview' camera

Samsung MV900F
Samsung's new camera follows on from last year's MV800

Samsung has launched the MV900F, a follow up to last year's Samsung MV800.

The most obvious feature of this camera is its flip-up screen, designed to easily capture self-portraits from a number of different angles.

Joining the increasing number of Samsung cameras to incorporate Wi-Fi, the MV900F also features an f/2.5 bright lens and a 16.3-million pixel CMOS sensor.

Really trying to appeal to party goers and family snappers, the MV900F includes a number of other features designed especially for that audience.

So, joining the flip up screen is Gesture Shot, which uses motion sensor technology to judge when the shutter release should be fired or zoom should be deployed.

A "virtual make-up bag", or Samsung's new Beauty Palette feature, enables ten different make-up options to be added, including the ability to smooth, brighten and add colour to profile shots.


The lens, as well as having a maximum aperture of f/2.5, also features a 5x optical zoom and is 25mm (equivalent) at its widest focal length.

As the camera is Wi-Fi enabled, instant connectivity to social networks and devices is available via the Smart Link button.

Other features include a touchcreen, full HD video recording and a range of colours.

A Samsung MV900F price and availability date has yet to be confirmed.