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Samsung wants your phone to measure your body fat

Samsung Body Fat scanning patent

Samsung wants to take biometrics scanning to another level: it wants to develop a way to measure body fat using your mobile phone.

A new patent, posted on the World International Property Organization (WIPO) website, shows the tech-giant's plans to use sensors to scan your body in order to measure body fat.

The patent explains the new tech will require four sensors that could be embedded in phones, or it can be installed on a phone cover.

Sensing fats

As in the image above, the patent shows a person holding a phone parallel to the ground in front of him, then moving it down his body.

The sensors are meant to work together, measuring "impedance levels" after contact with your body, with the patent saying it will then measure body fat.

Of course, this is only a patent, so there's no knowing if it'll ever make its way into Samsung's next Galaxy phones, but it's interesting to see the firm is focused on developing new health and fitness tech.

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Via Engadget