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Samsung Galaxy S2 passes 3 million sales

S2 - proving popular
S2 - proving popular

Samsung has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has managed to surpass 3 million sales in record quick time for the company.

It may have taken the original Samsung Galaxy S 85 days to reach the 3 million sales mark, but its successor has managed to do this in a mere 55 days.

Samsung has done the number crunching and to achieve 3 million, it has had to sell a handset every 1.5 seconds.

Galaxy quest

What's more impressive is that the Samsung Galaxy S2 hasn't even reached the shores of the US, so the majority of the sales have been in Europe and South Korea, where Samsung are based.

Samsung isn't just setting resting on the 3 million mark, as it's hoping to sell at least a total of 10 million handsets worldwide – which would be the same as what it did with the Galaxy S.

So, why is the handset so popular? Well, we would recommend you read our Samsung Galaxy S2 review to find out - but the super-slim chassis, hyper-fast operation and eyeball-melting screen quality should give you a little hint.