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New LG Chocolate caught on video

The new LG chocolate II?
The new LG chocolate II?

Those of us waiting for the launch of the next in the LG Chocolate line can at least see what it might look like thanks to a 'leaked' video.

The new LG BL40 phone will have a sumptuous 4-inch screen, but a 21:9 display with 800 x 345 resolution.

There's a whole host of simply awesome features, with a 3.5mm headphone jack, an 8MP camera with flash and active shooting UI, a tempered glass touchscreen with scratch-resistant layer, and a beautiful Flash-based multimedia interface.

The whole thing seems designed with 'awesome' in mind, as there's also multi-touch, a new contacts interface and high class email with a full HTML internet browser.

Real or fake?

The video appears to be a leaked promotional item, which makes sense with LG wanting to create some excitement, but there's also the rubbish possibility that it could be a fanboy spending weeks creating it too.

But you know us on TechRadar, we're excitable like that, so we're going to err on the side of believable and hope for the best.

We've had a word with the people in the know at LG, and they're coming back to us on the validity of the video, so fingers crossed and watch this space.

Check out the vid itself if you're so inclined:

Via Engadget Mobile