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Galaxy Note 4 could let you call mom by writing 'call mom'

Galaxy Note 4 could let you call mum by writing "call mum"
Write on, dude!

Sure, tapping, dragging or holding down an app icon on your smartphone's lockscreen may be handy, but it's apparently not good enough for Samsung.

According to a patent application spotted at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Samsung has filed a feature which "verifies a user and executes applications via handwriting recognition."

You can already unlock the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 3 by scribbling your signature on the lockscreen, but with patent US 20140038557 A1 Samsung wants to use your handwriting to directly launch applications.

Doodle to launch

In accompanying images filed with the patent application, examples of how the feature may work are shown, with a S Pen stylus writing the phrase "Call mom" on the lockscreen, which in turn will jump you straight into the call.

Samsung Handwriting patent

As easy a writing a word or two (credit: USPTO)

There's no guarantee that this feature will make it to the Galaxy Note 4, or even subsequent Note smartphones and tablets, but it's certainly something we'll be keeping an eye on.

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Via PhoneArena