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Apple to release iPhone hack patch tomorrow

The iPhone hack will soon be closed
The iPhone hack will soon be closed

Apple will release a fix for the iPhone to stop the latest text message hack from infecting iPhones.

Available this Saturday from iTunes, O2 has said the patch will stop the threat highlighted by security expert Charlie Miller.

"We will be communicating to customers both through the website and proactively," the spokesperson for O2 said to the BBC.

"We always recommend our customers update their iPhone with the latest software and this is no different."

Android in trouble too

The same problem, which can infect the phone via a series of invisible text messages, can also infect phones running Windows Mobile and Android operating systems.

Google has apparently already begun measures to address the problem, although Microsoft has yet to comment.

The flaw was highlighted at the recent Black Hat conference in the US, which Miller says was important to flag up in order to make sure companies took action against it.

Via BBC News