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10 million Galaxy Notes sold worldwide, Samsung says

10 million people can't be wrong
10 million people can't be wrong

While today's big buzz is centered on Samsung's newly unveiled Galaxy Note 10.1, the firm also took time to recognize the success of its existing smartphone-tablet hybrid.

Samsung announced that it has now sold 10 million units of the original Galaxy Note in the nine months since it launched.

Often referred to as a "phablet" for its 5.3-inch screen falling between the typical range of a smartphone and a tablet, the Galaxy Note found its audience and carved out a new market in the ever-tightening race among mobile devices.

Galaxy Note's future

Building on the Galaxy Note's success, Samsung is going the more traditional tablet route with the Galaxy Note 10.1.

The 10.1 combines elements and internals of the Galaxy S3 with the original Note's signature S-pen stylus for easy input.

There are also rumblings about an imminent Galaxy Note 2, with leaked manufacturing photos hinting at an upgrade to a 5.5-inch screen along with the same overclocked 1.6 GHz version of the quad-core Exynos processor found in the Galaxy S3.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 went on sale today in New York Starting at $499 for 16GB and $549 for 32GB.

It will launch across the rest of the country on Thursday.

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