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Samsung reveals further details on iPad rival

Apple iPad - rivals on the way
Apple iPad - rivals on the way

Samsung is working on a tablet device to rival Apple's iPad and the deluge of slates from rival PC manufacturers.

APC mag was told by Emmanuele Silanesu, national product and marketing manager for Samsung Australia's IT division, that Samsung would release its slate "in the second half of the year" and that it would be focused on the consumer.

Hints about what Samsung sees as the crucial factors for a tablet device were outlined by another Samsung Australia Exec – with director Philip Newton criticising the Apple iPad's lack of connectivity and processing power.

Problems with iPad

"The problems I see with the iPad are its processing power and (lack of) connectivity to a certain extent" Newton said at the Samsung Forum in Singapore.

"I do feel that that slate-type platform has legs but I think the legs need to be far more powerful, for example an Atom-based product which has far greater flexibility, not to mention inputs and outputs.

"This has more potential than an iPad."

Samsung will be no means be the last PC manufacturer to push into the slate/tablet market – with Microsoft's Courier and Dell's slate already making headlines, but it will be interesting to see if their design does better than its UMPC – the Q1.