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Unfriending goes mobile with updated Facebook iPhone app

Unfriending on the go. Truly this is the future.
Unfriending on the go. Truly this is the future.

The Facebook for iPhone people have had a bit of a tinker under the hood and the app's latest update brings with it the ability to unfriend people from your iPhone.

When you're out and about, and it hits you that you simply cannot bear to remain Facebook friends with someone for another minute, you cannot be expected to wait until you get home to de-friend them.

In the past, you'd have had to search out a quaint little place called an "Internet Café" and use a desktop computer to do so. Thank goodness those days are behind us, eh?

There was a time before Facebook, you know

Also behind us are the days of not being able to check in to events and the absence of map view from Facebook Places.

There have also been some minor improvmenets made to the news feed and the notifications UI.

However, none of this makes up for the fact that 'unfriend' is now, apparently, a word.