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Is Samsung trying to destroy the Omnia?

Samsung Bresson - could it be a market leader?
Samsung Bresson - could it be a market leader?

Samsung is reportedly readying a new phone, codenamed the Bresson, with the kind of specs other phones can only dream of.

An 8MP camera, high-end office functionality and a 3.2-inch touchscreen make this one tasty handset, and it might not be too far away from release.

The Bresson has made it to the 'coming soon' sections of independent phone retailers, though Samsung has not confirmed the phone yet.

However, the reports it will be 15.5mm, 1.7 thinner than the recently-released i8510, are very interesting, as it would easily be one of the thinnest power-handsets on the market.

All the best bits

It also packs the same aGPS and accelerometer of the Omnia, though no word on whether it will use Windows Mobile as well (which can only be a blessing.)

It supports full HD TV, so it can pretty much handle anything you try and run through it in terms of entertainment.

With that in mind, expect a large amount of storage on board, with up to 16GB expansion through memory card.

We'll be after this for a decent review, so when we know anything more, so will you.