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Asus adding optical drive to Eee netbook

Eee PC
They come in more varieties than Heinz and now even with a DVD drive, we're told

Remember how Asus sparked the whole netbook boom by dumping DVD and CD drives from its computers to make them light and cheap? Well, that's all changing again now that the first Eee Pc with an optical drive has been revealed.

Early leaks suggest the E1004DN will cost around £370 when it appears in April and that it will definitely have an "optical" drive, presumably of the DVD variety.

Two machines coming

The same sources tell us to expect an Intel Atom N280 running at 1.66GHz, a 120GB standard hard drive and a sister machine, also with an optical drive, to follow in May.

Quite what Asus is doing with the Eee brand by applying it to pretty much every possible PC configuration isn't quite clear, but we're sure they have some sort of plan in mind.