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Google launches URL shortening - new service - new service

Google has announced a new URL shortening service that will only work when you link to webpages owned by Google.

The interesting decision to launch shortening service comes just days after Google made an error with its existing URL shortener when linking to one of its own properties.

Google's thinking is that it wants a shortening service that people can trust will only go to Google sites, and not be redirected somewhere potentially harmful.

Easier to share

"The shorter a URL, the easier it is to share and remember. The downside is, you often can't tell what website you're going to be redirected to," explained Gary Briggs, VP Consumer Marketing.

"We'll only use to send you to webpages that are owned by Google, and only we can create shortcuts. That means you can visit a shortcut confident you will always end up at a page for a Google product or service.

"There's no need to fret about the fate of; we like it as much as you do, and nothing is changing on that front. It will continue to be our public URL shortener that anybody can use to shorten URLs across the web."

So, the upshot is that if you see a address then it can only be linking to a Google owned webpage - be it a product or a service.