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Google releases frightfully addictive multiplayer Doodle game for Halloween

If you've ever played a Google Doodle game, you'll know how fun (and addictive) they can be - and now for the first time ever, you can play along with other people in Great Ghoul Duel.

The Halloween-themed multiplayer game allows you to invite up to seven friends via a custom link, or play along with randomly selected strangers across the world. To play, simply head to the Google homepage and click on the Doodle image. 

The spooky mini-game allows you to form two teams of up to four ghosts, meaning you must work together to collect 'spirit flames' and return them to your home base. 

The team with the most spirit flames after two minutes wins - you can also steal flames from the opposing team, as well as unlocking special powers like night vision and speed boost. 

Halloween spirit

Great Ghost Duel follows the immensely popular Halloween Doodle game, Magic Cat Academy from two years ago, in which you played as a magical black cat and battled to save your school from invading ghosts. 

If this one is as addictive like its predecessor, it's probably best to avoid it during working hours - or just don't let your boss see you playing it. 

Via Cnet

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