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Miitomo, Nintendo's first mobile app, gets a release date ... in Japan

Miitomo Nintendo Japan

Nintendo has announced its first smartphone app, Miitomo, will be available in Japan starting March 17. Unfortunately, there's still no release date for the rest of the world.

Nintendo made the announcement on its Japan Twitter account, however its UK, US and Europe accounts haven't uttered a peep about a Miitomo release in those regions.

You can, however, pre-register for Miitomo by creating a Nintendo Account using your social network info or email address.

In its tweet, Nintendo Japan urges users in the country to pre-register by March 16 in order to get a bonus of some kind. We don't think it'd be a bad idea for the rest of us to register by then as well.

Miitomo, which Nintendo says will be more of a social experience app than a game, lets you create Mii characters that communicate and interact with Miis belonging to others. It'll be available on iOS and Android.

With the app, you'll be able to pass along messages, upload photos of your Mii to your social media accounts and buy new outfits.

Nintendo has long said that Miitomo will launch in March, so we're hoping a wider release is planned soon.

Via Polygon