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Overclocking woe for Dell's top-end XPS H2C

Dell's high-end desktop, the XPS H2C, comes with a factory-overlocked QX6700 quad-core Core 2 Extreme processor. But, as if to coincide with the release of a chip to supersede it yesterday , it emerged that Dell has been having some problems with the XPS H2C which it launched in front of us in January.

Dell revealed problems on a post on its Direct2Dell blog last week. The post said the 3.73GHz factory overclocked speed was now only available in a 3.2 GHz version - still a nice increase over the QX6700's 2.93GHz standard clockspeed.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that not enough of the chips - termed 'Bin 3' - were capable of 3.73 GHz. "Even with the H2C cooling system, we found that only a small fraction of our QX6800 processors could go to Bin 3 and remain stable through our rigorous testing process," said Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager.

"We apologise for having to do this, truth is that we do not have a line of sight to enough supply of QX6800 processors that can tolerate the Bin 3 overclocking."

Those capable of 'Bin 2' (3.46GHz) are more plentiful, and that speed has gone on sale once again.

Via TGDaily

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