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Bioshock and Fallout in 2D makes us yearn for the old days of isometric games

Fallout art by Chris Bischoff

You might have imagined that 2D gaming has had its day in a world of VR, but artist Chris Bischoff's isometric Fallout designs have convinced us that there's life in the old dog(meat) yet.

Whilst promoting new isometric game, Stasis, Bischoff acknowledged the influence of Fallout by releasing re-imagined the post-nuclear landscape in stunning 2D isometric detail.

Fallout By Chris Bischoff

Photo: Chris Bischoff

It's not the first time Bischoff has also done isometric fan-art - with his versions of Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite also giving us pause to ponder how cool it would be to play his reimagined versions of the games.

Bioshock 1 by Chris Bischoff

Photo: Chris Bischoff

Bioshock: Infinite by Chris Bischoff

Photo: Chris Bischoff

Bischoff's isometric game Stasis is available on Steam or you can check out more of his renders here

via Neogaf user texhnolyze