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The best AirPods Pro prices, sales, and deals in December 2019

AirPods Pro prices sales and deals
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The current AirPods Pro price sits at $249 / £249 - that's a considerable jump from the previous generation which retailed for $159/£159 from the off. That said, you can always save cash by checking out the latest AirPods Pro deals below - we're starting to see plenty more savings come in as we get closer to the holidays, so now is a great time to go Pro. 

AirPods Pro deals have arrived, introducing noise cancelation and adaptive EQ to Apple's wireless earbud range. The buds have been completely redesigned, with Apple taking consumer frustrations over the fit of previous generations to heart and building their latest model to not only house all its tech in an ear-friendly shell but also remain flexible in its size. Three tips offer different sized buds, while internal microphones measure the audio being received by your ear to let you know if you've selected the correct fit. 

The AirPods Pro price also reflects the new Transparency Mode allows certain sounds to break through noise cancellation when required. Plus, intelligent, active sound monitoring is achieved through an internal and external microphone adjusting your noise cancellation 200 times per minute. 

The biggest improvements over the previous AirPods lie in this noise cancelation and improved fit. Apple has also spent time in the sound quality department, however. While the audio quality has undoubtedly been improved thanks to custom low-distortion drivers and high dynamic range amplifiers, it's the new Adaptive EQ feature that will boost your music's quality the most. This nifty little piece of tech molds the sound of your tunes to you, tuning low and mid frequencies to the shape of your own ear to boost the quality and richness of the audio on offer. 

Best AirPods Pro prices sales and deals

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The new AirPods still carry the same H1 chip as the previous model and offer up to 4.5 hours of listening time on a single charge. That's a half-hour less than previous models, but with all the real-time Active Noise Canceling and Adaptive EQ business going on under the hood, it's easy to see why you're losing a few minutes of juice. You can always turn off noise cancelation to get that half-hour of playtime back but then you might as well be listening to the previous generation. That said, the Pro buds still come with ultra-fast charging in the case, giving you an extra hour of listening after just five minutes of juicing up. For the full rundown, be sure to take a look at our AirPods Pro review.

That AirPods Pro price reflects a fairly hefty increase over the last generation's release. With all the added features and adjustments to fit and usability, however, many Apple fans will find that a good deal. AirPods Pro sales might not come around too quickly, but we've seen promising movement in the previous generation's price, with deals putting them at record discounts over the past few months. 

Where to find the best AirPods Pro deals

If you're still after AirPods Pro deals, you can check out the retailers below in addition to our comparison chart above for the best chances of finding the sale price for you. The standard AirPods Pro price is $249/£249 so make sure you don't pay more than that during your deals hunt. 

The new AirPods Pro earbuds can be used alongside the Apple Watch for playback and Transparency Mode control, all without the need for your iPhone. Check out our top picks of the best Apple Watch Series 4 prices or maybe the newer Apple Watch 5 deals to complete your ecosystem. Or, if you're not fussed about noise cancellation or want to pick up a cheaper pair of older earbuds, we have all the best AirPods prices lined up.