Yes, Nokia really is making more QLED TVs

(Image credit: Nokia)

Nokia's new range of entry-level QLED TVs are due to go on sale soon, potentially bringing Quantum Dot tech to a wider audience. It's not the first time the Finnish brand – best known for its iconic phones – has produced QLED TVs, but this new range marks the first time Nokia will sell its sets beyond Europe.

As reported by What Hi-Fi, Nokia's new flagship QLEDs, made in conjunction with Austrian company Streamview, are due to go on sale sometime in late January. Prices start at $750 / £550 / AU$1,000 for the 43-inch version, moving up to $960 / £710 / AU1,400 for the 55-inch variant. A 58-inch model is also available for $1,050 / £750 / AU$1,500, while the 70-inch model will set you back $1,800 / £1,400 / AU$2,600.

Nokia's new QLEDs aren't light on features, either. All sizes feature three HDMI 2.0 ports, built-in subwoofers, Chromecast, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, as well as a fairly standard Game Mode function that reduces input lag down to just 8ms. 8GB of storage for recording live TV rounds out the package.

The fact that Chromecast is built into the TV makes sense, as the new Nokia QLEDs will also feature Android TV as their operating system. This gives users access to thousands of channels and apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and much more besides.

Curiously, the new Nokia QLED TVs don't actually boast true QLED panel technology. The company has opted for LCD panels instead, overlaid with a Quantum Dot film layer to produce higher levels of brightness. 

That's not uncommon, though, as TV brand TCL did much the same with its 5-Series entry-level QLED TVs back in 2020. It's one way for Nokia to keep costs down, we imagine, and entry-level buyers should still (hopefully) be treated to an impressive display.

We hope that the Nokia QLED TVs can overcome the shortcomings of other entry-level sets in their price range, such as relatively low HDR brightness when compared to the best 4K TVs you can buy. Either way, we're tentatively looking forward to Nokia's take on QLED TVs, and hoping that the company can deliver great picture quality at an entry-level cost.

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