Xbox Game Pass for PC price will double from next week

Xbox Game Pass for PC
(Image credit: Microsoft)

 Xbox Game Pass for PC hits general release next week, meaning that the introductory price is no longer applicable, and going forward subscribers will pay the full amount.

As you may be aware, Xbox Game Pass for PC users have been paying $4.99 per month (£3.99 in the UK) as a ‘limited time price’ for the beta, but now the service is reaching general availability as of September 17, the price will increase to the full $9.99 monthly (or £7.99 – basically the same price as the console pass).

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Note that those who are already subscribed will pay the same discounted rate through their next billing cycle, as mentioned in the above tweet announcing all this.

EA deal

For the money, you get access to over 100 PC games, and the sweetener that comes along with this price increase is that subscribers now also get EA Play games included in the package.

That means a good deal more smart games and famous franchises are now available via the Xbox Game Pass for PC, including the likes of FIFA 20, Anthem, Titanfall 2, and not forgetting The Sims offerings.

If you’re tempted to take the plunge, even though the introductory price offer no longer applies – and let’s face it, this subscription is still great value for money – we’ve got a full guide on how to set up the service.

Via MS Power User

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