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TechRadar's Holiday Gift Guide 2014

TechRadar's Holiday Gift Guide
The best tech gifts, hand-picked by the best editors

You don't know what to buy, do you? We get it. Figuring out what to give each of your loved ones is the toughest part of the holidays. But when it comes to technology, you're officially covered.

Whether your friends and family members are phone fanatics, couch potatoes, workaholics or really into these newfangled wrist computers, we've tested them all. Now, we've decided which products in each category make for the best gadget gifts of 2014.

Below, you'll find eight picks within each category chosen by our tireless team of expert editors: Michelle Fitzsimmons, Juan Martinez, Lily Prasuethsut, Matt Swider, Nick Pino and Cameron Faulkner. Oh, and before clicking "buy" on the thing that we so expertly suggested, check out our in-depth reviews. You'll learn quite a bit before throwing down that hard-earned cash, and we like to think they're a fun read.

So, read on and let us take the worry out of the one season systematically designed to be merry. Have a happy, healthy holiday season, and may your Amazon Prime membership pay for itself tenfold.

Best wishes,

Joe Osborne, Senior Editor