The best iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cases: how to protect your all-glass iPhone

iPhone 8

 While getting a case for your phone has always been important, it's more critical now that they've all switched to glass backs. The iPhone 8 was the first of Apple's phones to follow the trend, and boy does it suck when a clumsy spill cracks either of your phone's glass sides. 

Luckily, we've assembled a list of cases to wrap around your iPhone 8. It's not the newest phone on the block, but it's still a quality device that could last you years - so long as you protect it from accidents.

While we haven’t gotten to test out the following iPhone 8 cases and won't guarantee all will be as protective or suave, the list includes many that come highly rated by users. (And they look pretty cool, too.) Here's our list:

Note: We've ranked these from cheapest to most expensive according to prices at time of writing. 

JETech iPhone 8 clear case

Your basic plastic case for a low, low price

Very affordable
Slim design
Basic protection

JETech's iPhone 8 case is also its iPhone 7 case (it fits both), which tells you a lot about the design: it fits, it works, it's not complicated. This crystal-clear case should protect against basic drops, scratches and scuffs.

In other words, don't expect phenomenal protection from this case, but it's an extremely functional choice for someone who doesn't want to spend much or just needs a quick fix before upgrading to a pricier case.

You can get the JETech Case for under $8 (£6, AU$11) on Amazon here.

Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 8

An entry-level protection-focused case

Slightly complex protection
Likely won't protect as well as pricier cases

Spigen releases Tough Armor cases for plenty of phones, and this iPhone 8 case is much like them: improved protection over basic cases for a bit higher price, but nowhere near as expensive as others in this list.

The case has a flexible TPU body wrapped in a polycarbonate back, providing a little extra cushion between the ground and your phone than simple plastic cases. Plus, it's got a little kickstand if you enjoy watching media on your iPhone 8.

The Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 8 case is just under $16 (£12, AU$22) and available on Amazon here.

Matone Crystal Clear case

Simple and affordable

Added grip

Matone's Crystal Clear case is a simple solution for protecting your iPhone 8 Plus. It's a basic, soft TPU bumper case that goes around the edges and back of the phone to absorb shock when dropped.

It comes in four colors, but all of them are see-through, so you'll still be able to show off the full appearance of your phone. And, of course, with simplicity comes a low price tag.

See this iPhone 8 Plus case at Amazon here.

Speck Presidio Grip case

Cheap and protective

Grip design
Will protect against scratches
Limited colors for iPhone 8

Looking for a simple protective cover that will help you grip your iPhone 8? This option from trusted case manufacturer Speck is basic, but does exactly what you need it to.

It won't protect the screen of your phone, but the grip material at the back will help you keep hold of your phone when you really need to. 

X-Doria Defense Clear case

Clear, form-fitting and to the point

Raised lip prevents screen scratching
Doesn't totally mask phone's design
Fairly bulky

Protection for your pricey iPhone 8 can come at a high cost, but it doesn’t have to. The X-Doria Defense Clear case costs less than most ruggedized cases.

One understated feature this one boasts is that it tucks the iPhone 8’s screen under a bit of its lip so as to avoid scratching it on a table if you like to set your phone face down. This case is no frills, but if all you’re looking for is protection on the cheap, look no further.

MNML Thin case for iPhone 8

It's barely there in the best way possible

Doesn't add thickness to the design
Available in a few colors
Not super protective

If you're looking for a case, but don't want to add any heft or thickness to the iPhone 8, this is the one you're after.

MNML makes, you guessed it, cases with minimal aesthetic. They are cheap and come in a variety of colors. Better yet, they'll work on your iPhone 7 as well, should you have one laying around.

Tech21 Pure Clear case

Protection that allows you to see your phone

Clear design
Easy to take on or off
No front protection

Tech21 offers a great protective case here that will ensure the back or edges of your phone won't get scratched and will hopefully be able to take a bit of the brunt when you next drop your iPhone 8.

There's no front to this case, so you may want to buy a screen protector, but this see through option may be a good idea if you want to be able to see your phone while it's protected.

iPhone 8 Official Silicone case

Straight from Apple itself

Officially made by Apple
Lots of color choices
No front protection

Apple makes its own official cases for the iPhone 8, and unsurprisingly they're worthy of inclusion in this list. This one is made from a silicone material that should feel comfortable in your hand.

But perhaps the best element is the color choices on offer here. You have the choice of nine colors, including bright red, so you can make your phone look like the red iPhone 7.

Mujjo Leather case

A stylish mix of form and function

Tight fight
Relatively inexpensive
Likely won't age gracefully
Doesn't seem like it'll protect the camera

If style is your modus operandi, this leather case by Mujjo should fit your tastes nicely. In terms of its looks, it’s reminiscent of Apple’s own leather case, but it’s going for the much cheaper rate of about $38 (around £28, AU$47).

It likely won’t be the most protective case, given that it doesn’t look to hug the camera unit closely, so it’s probably not the wisest choice for those who like to take their phone out in the elements. That said, if you biff, you’ll really be going down in style.

iPhone 8 Official Leather case

Officially premium

Premium leather
Lots of color choices
Doesn't offer protection for screen

This is another choice you can buy directly in the Apple Store when you grab your iPhone 8, but we really like the leather version of Apple's official case.

Apart from the material it's made of, the design is very similar to the silicone version up above and it comes in a great variety of colors too including pink, brown and bright red.

LifeProof Fre case

Colorful, rugged protection for your iPhone 8

Available in a few colors
Matches phone design
Might not fit everyone's taste

If protecting your phone is your number one priority when investing in a case, LifeProof’s signature offering looks to fit the bill with its colorful suite of cases.

By hugging around the back and securely over the iPhone 8’s front, it protects its fragile glass build materials on every front. 

While the phone looks as much like an iPhone 6 as it does an 8 while covered, at least you’ll still be able to take advantage of all the new features, like wireless charging and the improved camera. The big downside is that this ruggedized case is nearly $100.

Otterbox Defender case

Several levels of protection

Colors: Many | Material: Plastic and rubber

Serious protection
Ample color options

Otterbox’s Defender Series of cases is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to ensure their iPhone 8 is safe from just about anything. This case offers multi-layer protection for the front, back and sides of the phone. An attachable clip can even help you keep it easily accessible without making it more prone to falls.

Spigen Slim Armor CS case

A case and cardholder in one

Colors: Black, Gunmetal, Jet White, Red, Blush Gold, Rose Gold | Material: TPU and PC

Good protection
Handy cardholder
Added bulk

Spigen’s Slim Armor CS is a handy case for the iPhone 8. It not only protects your phone with a two-layer combination of soft TPU and hard PC, but it also lets you store two card inside. Throw a credit card and license in there, and you’re set for a night on the town. 

Caseology Parallax case

Style meets security

Interesting designs
Multi-layer protection
Hides phone design

Caseology's Parallax iPhone 8 case has a stylish design combining a soft shell with a 3D effect on the back and a hard shell for extra reinforcement.

While it might cover up most of the iPhone 8's own design, the Parallax case's look is interesting enough that you might not even mind. Plus, there are plenty of color combinations to choose from.

See the Caseology Parallax iPhone at Amazon here.

Otterbox Strada case for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Classy and secure

Complete coverage
Classy look

Otterbox makes great cases, and the Strada series for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sticks to that trend. The case features mutli-layer protection for your phone. And, thanks to its folio style, it can protect your screen as well.

It may be pricey, but it's a lot cheaper than a serious repair. It also has room for a credit card, so you can store one in your case if you don't like bringing your wallet everywhere.

See the Otterbox Strada case for iPhone 8 at Amazon here.
See the Otterbox Strada case for iPhone 8 Plus at Amazon here.