Samsung launches Bladerunner-style AMOLED ID-card

Samsung's latest AMOLED digital identity card - a frightening taste of a dystopian surveillance-state future?

Samsung has predictably wowed the crowds of tech hacks and industry punters at CES in Vegas this week, but with this new AMOLED identity card tech it has also added a Philip K Dick-esque edge of unsettling anxiety about how truly frightening the future could be.

Samsung's new ID card with an AMOLED display shows off a high res digital image of your face when held up to an RFID card and can also be used to store all of your biographical information.

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The screen is powered from from a nearby RF-powered source that is AMOLED adapted, according to OLED-Display News.

False memory syndrome

Apparently, potential applications for the prototype might include e-id documents such as an eVisa on your passport, driving licenses and it could be used as a "dynamic security feature for banking & e-commerce online transactions; credit cards" or as a "travel & transport vehicle registration card."

Or it might even be used to store false memories of your family to convince you that you are human and not a complex artificially intelligent robot, perhaps?

Now, tell us everything that you remember about… your mother…

Via OLED-Display News