One more thing: pirates make the best film critics

One more thing: pirates make the best film critics
But do they like popcorn?

Sometimes something comes along in life that's so unexpected you can barely understand just what is going on. This happened to TechRadar today when we were sent a link of the new giffgaff promo.

Let's just say, it has to be seen to be believed… so check out the video below and nine other diamonds in the tech rough below.

Ducking hell - giffgaff has released a new promotional video for its 'Unlock a chicken' campaign, whereby for everyone that unlocks their phone and joins giffgaff, a battery chicken is re-homed. To promote this, it has enlisted Keith and Orville the Duck to give their own hip-hop infused take on the matter. That sound you can hear is our jaw hitting the floor.

Film findings - a new infographic shows that the most-pirated movies on the web pretty much match up with the box-office charts. Which means that pirates have the same taste in movies as normal cinemagoers. Crazy. []

Yahoo bored of the board - Yahoo tells staff to shoo: another one bites the dust at Yahoo headquarters, with news that chairman Roy Bostock has left the board. We suggest he changes his name to Boy Rostock and tries to get on the board again – the way things are going, Yahoo may not notice the difference. [BBC]

LittleBig LittleBigPlanet news - An image has turned up on the web of a new LittleBigPlanet game – LittleBigPlanet Karting. Think Mario Kart but with courses you can create yourself. A bit like ModNation Racers, but a bit more awesome. [Eurogamer]

Gaming nirvana - AMD is hosting its AMD Heaven 25 February and The Brewery in Central London. Beer and games, what's not to like? []

AMD heaven

Sky acting like a twit - BSkyB has reportedly asked all Sky News staff to stop tweeting breaking news until it has been verified by its own newsdesk – which kind of defeats the object of Twitter as an echo chamber for the news. There was nothing in the memo about not using MySpace to pimp out their music side projects.

We all live in a Cameron submarine - James Cameron is creating a brand-new submarine for him and his fellow bandmates to live in while being chased by Blue Meanies. Well, kind of – he's using it to film the underwater bits for Avatar 2. [SlashFilm]

Netflix being lily-livered? - Movie streaming service Netflix has said that it won't tell anyone where the one person that watched its online series Lillyhammer lives – not even if you twist its arm and ask nicely. [Deadline]

Bang, and the bugs are gone - Turns out plasma technology isn't just good for TVs, it is good at getting rid of bacteria too. Researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia have created a plasma torch to zap away any bacteria on food. It will kill a Yakult in seconds. Maybe. [Ubergizmo]

You've got the touch… - Anything Apple can do, Logitech can try and match it and get inferior sales. That's right, Logitech has released a Magic Mouse lookalike in the form of the Logitech Touch Mouse M600. We can't wait to get touch feely with it. [Logitech]

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