WWDC 2015: iOS 9, Apple Music and more from Apple's big conference

Read on to find out what we expected from the big event!

Apple's WWDC 2015 keynote is today, and it's bound to be a little more worldly and a little bit wider, touting inroads into China (worldly) and sales of the Apple Watch, a new product category (wider).

At least, that's what we expect from minute one of WWDC 2015, which officially starts today, June 8 at 10am Cupertino time, 1pm Eastern and 6pm BST.

The Apple keynote will really get interesting when Tim Cook graces the stage, wearing an Apple Watch of course, to show off what we expect are two new operating system revisions.

The latest versions of mobile-based iOS 9 and computer-based OS X 10.11 software likely to be updated, while the new Apple TV hardware is reportedly delayed due to contractual issues with content players.

We'll still hear about the future of live streaming by the way of Apple Music, all while live streaming Apple keynote. But before we boot up the always-required Safari browser to watch, let's review what's expected and rumored about WWDC 2015.

iOS 9 beta or just iOS 8.4?

Apple's WWDC keynotes have, in the past, given us our first glimpse of the new iOS version, but as much as we want to know the iOS 9 release date and features, we may have to get through iOS 8.4 first.

Beats Music

Apple is readying iOS 8.4 for public consumption, according to the latest rumours, with an Apple Music streaming service to take advantage of its pricey Beats Music acquisition and take on Tidal, too.

It'll cost as much as Spotify and add an artist-infused social network, according to leaks via the ongoing iOS 8.4 beta. Musicians can add song samples, pictures, videos and concert updates for followers.

But that's just half of the story for WWDC 2015. Expect Apple to pledge more stable iOS updates from here on out. Wi-Fi and battery drains bugs, begone.

iOS 9 has been tipped to include public transit directions, a better on-screen keyboard and future-proof the software for Force Touch display controls for iPhone 6S.

Apple may also tease iOS 9 with greater stability, a smaller download size and a smarter version of Siri.

Apple Pay for the UK

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have NFC chips in them, yet only the US can take advantage of the sole purpose of the chip: Apple Pay. It's US-only, but that may change at WWDC.

Early on in today's keynote, an Apple Pay UK release date is expected to be announced, with top banks like Lloyds in tow as launch partners.

While Canada and China are rumored to be getting Apple Pay later this year, the UK mobile payment platform may be ready in just two months time.

OS X 10.11 beta for Macs

There are a lot of new Macs out there, and these upgraded machines are due for an updated operating system, or at least a preview of one.


What California landmark name will the new OS X take on next?

The software-focused WWDC 2015 keynote makes it the ideal location to unveil an OS X 10.11 beta to Apple-enrolled developers, one that makes Force Touch more than just a tech demo.

Its behind-the-scenes enhancements are expected to make it faster and more stable than OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and further tie it and iOS together, but not merge them.

This is in no small part because Microsoft is launching a more nimble Windows 10 on July 29, and Google Photo just dished out its own Apple Photos-rival for Google IO.

Apple Watch sales and update

The first Apple Watch update is already being downloaded by early adopters of the smartwatch, but there are more features to come.

Apple Watch

The next Apple Watch update could come with handy new features

Custom watch faces beyond the default 10, a Find My Watch app and the ability to control an Apple TV from your wrist are all features tipped for the conference.

An official tally of Apple Watch sales may kick off the keynote. Projections beyond pre-orders have been scarce, though estimates indicate it sold more in its first day than Android Wear did in its first five months.

Turn off your Apple TV expectations

Don't expect an Apple television at this WWDC today, or any keynote in the near future, for that matter. The company is reportedly pulled the plug on such an idea.

Apple TV

Take this idea and add a touchpad remote and more apps, please

In fact, predictions leaning toward a new set-top box for 2015 are being be recalculated, too. The new Apple TV has been delayed, at least for a few months, according to the latest report.

It's supposed to have more content deals than just HBO Now, and a touchpad-equipped remote to boot. The streaming service that was to accompany the still-forthcoming Apple TV has also been delayed.

The box itself may, in the end, skip 4K TV specs altogether in favour of more realistic TV content streaming resolutions. But Siri and HomeKit support may pop up on the big screen.

Meanwhile, while Amazon Fire TV and Google Nexus Player have gamepads accessories, Apple has only been rumored to be jumping into the crowded gaming space. Just don't expect any of this at WWDC 2015.

Matt Swider