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Where to buy a monitor: working from home essentials still in stock

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If you're looking for where to buy a monitor, we can help. Thanks to our constantly-updated list of the best affordable monitors still in stock, we can scour the web for the best prices still available for delivery and bring them straight to you. We're also rounding up all the best retailers to shop through if you're tired of browsing pages of out of stock items.

When working from home, getting the best monitor for your needs is essential. It allows you to work comfortably on your laptop, displaying all the information you need and providing you with plenty of workspace as well.

So, if you're now working from home, you may be understandably keen to buy a new monitor. We'll show you where to buy a monitor as well as which retailers to keep an eye on for the best prices.

Where to buy a monitor in the US

Dell (opens in new tab)
You'll find some excellent prices on Dell monitors when you shop direct this week. With big savings discounting displays across the range of features, sizes, and screen types. You are limited to Dell's own models at this particular retailer, but they produce some stunning displays and you'll find even better prices right now.

Lenovo (opens in new tab)
Similarly to Dell, you are restricted to Lenovo's own line of monitors here, but with plenty of models still available for shipping and some brilliant prices to be found you might as well take a look directly. Prices start at $149, and you'll even find bundles on multi-monitor setups that can save you plenty of cash as well.

HP (opens in new tab)
HP stock plenty of monitor ranges on their website, with prices often sitting lower than Dell and Lenovo. That means if you're looking for a cheap and cheerful monitor to see you through this period of working from home, you'll find some excellent deals available here.

B&H Photo (opens in new tab)
The B&H Photo range of monitors spans an incredible price span, with plenty of cheaper screens available for well under $100 and other more premium options easily tailored to higher performance usage. You'll find whatever you're looking for at a great price with B&H Photo, with a massive range of products still available for delivery.

Adorama (opens in new tab)
Adorama also have plenty of monitors still in stock for delivery, and on top of an excellent range you can also enjoy free shipping. Prices tend to sit a little higher here than at B&H, with cheaper options coming in at $149, but if you're looking for something to suit every need you could have you're in the right place.

Newegg (opens in new tab)
Whether you're looking for a curved, 4K, Thunderbolt, UltraWide, or even a gaming monitor, Newegg's vast warehouse holds them all. With a large range still available for delivery, and great prices on everything from simple displays to the latest 4K screens with powerful extra features, you're in good hands at Newegg.

Where to buy a monitor in the UK

Currys (opens in new tab)
Currys stock has been in a steady ebb and flow over the past few days, but plenty of computer monitors are still available to order at time of writing. That means you can save on fast, free shipping with plenty of price cuts on cheap monitors or more premium models as well.

Amazon (opens in new tab)
As well as plenty of monitors still in stock for Prime shipping, you'll also find a healthy supply of accessories and extras available on Amazon right now. That means hassle-free shipping on your whole setup.

Argos (opens in new tab)
You'll spot some excellent prices with Argos right now, with cheap and cheerful monitors being their main stock right now. That said, you'll find plenty of curved, 4K, or UltraWide models still available and Argos is still running its same-day shipping service if you need your display fast.

Laptops Direct (opens in new tab)
Laptops Direct currently stocks almost any monitor you could possibly think of, with an expansive range reaching just as far into professional levels of display quality and features as it does the cheaper end. That means you'll find a monitor to suit any need still in stock at time of writing.

ebuyer (opens in new tab)
You'll easily find a monitor for under £100 at ebuyer, and plenty more if you're looking for more premium features. The range available at this online retailer is extensive and you'll find a great price on whatever display you need right now.

Hungry for more? We're keeping an eye on stock for your whole home office set up. That means we're also showing you where to buy a laptop, where to buy a keyboard, where to buy a router, and where to buy a mouse right now. 

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