The Kentucky Derby is the latest sporting event to get the VR treatment

Kentucky Derby

You'll be able to watch the 142nd Kentucky Derby in virtual reality this Saturday. NBC Sports is broadcasting the event live to Samsung Gear VR users starting at 4pm ET.

"We are excited to bring the pageantry and passion experienced annually by those at the Kentucky Derby even closer to viewers at home with the new medium of live virtual reality," said Rob Hyland, coordinating producer of NBC Sports Group's Triple Crown horse racing coverage.

NBC will use seven virtual reality cameras around the stadium, with five of them placed trackside so you can almost feel the dirt being kicked into your face. The other two cameras will be placed in the paddock and owners' suits to get you directly into the action... and any drunken debauchery.

With virtual and augmented reality technologies becoming cheaper, we're consuming ever-more content in the new format. Microsoft reimagined how we'll watch football in the future with its HoloLens headset, while some developers are even experimenting with creating a real-time/virtual reality hybrid experience.

To stream the Kentucky Derby in VR, Gear VR owners can download the NextVR app and find the NBC channel from there.

And even if you don't care about horse racing, you should still tune in to see all the ridiculous hats.