Vaast launches its brand new E/1 luxury urban eBike

Woman in purple standing next to Vaast's E/1 luxury urban eBike
(Image credit: Vaast)

We all want just that little bit more from our transportation these days. Our cars, for example, have to be able to get us from A to B in comfort and style, but in the case of electric vehicles, they need to be greener too. 

The same can be said for electric cycles too. US-based Vaast Bikes has a new model, the Vaast E/1, which ticks all of the same boxes as an EV. With its innovative design that boasts a raft of neat technical features, the latest addition to the Vaast portfolio could even persuade auto lovers to leave their car behind and, perhaps, cycle instead.

Couple riding two of Vaast's E/1 luxury urban eBike

(Image credit: Vaast)

There are a number of reasons why the Vaast E/1 might tempt people to delve a little deeper into the world of cycling if they're not already fans of this lean and green mode of transport. Central to this is the appeal of an e-bike. If it’s been designed and built well, an electric bike offers all of the health benefits of regular cycling, but allows you to balance that with powered assistance.

And the new Vaast E/1 captures the essence of an e-bike perfectly. Top of the pile of innovative features of the new bike has to be the unique suspension design, which provides a comfortable but highly dynamic ride. Being able to cycle around town safely while still enjoying high levels of comfort is essential, but not all bikes manage to achieve this. 

That’s why the new Vaast E/1 is leading the way with its Naild R3Act ground-tracing suspension technology. This innovative aspect of the e-bike’s design allows the two-wheeler to cope with anything that inner-city living can throw at it, while providing enough on-the-go comfort to make the Vaast E/1 the perfect e-bike to take on a longer out of town adventure.

Vaast’s testing has revealed that the vibration reduction alone has been lowered by 20% following the integration of the new suspension system in the E/1. Cleverly, the e-bike has been engineered using a four-bar design that allows the rider, rear cargo battery and motor to all be suspended. Meanwhile, there’s no change in the pedal to saddle height so it’s the perfect no-hassle solution.

What that means is the Vaast E/1 e-bike delivers a wonderfully stable ride with minimal configuration. It combines this sublime ride quality with plenty of electric power should you need it, too. This is provided thanks to an integrated Bosch 4 Performance CX Drive, which delivers power smoothly and can take the rider up to 25kph with no problem at all. 

Woman adjusting seat on Vaast's E/1 luxury urban eBike

(Image credit: Vaast)

Controlling how much power you get is done by the super-simple Bosch KIOX stem-mounted display screen and Bluetooth connectivity. The great thing about this is that updates to your bike’s system can be administered quickly and easily, making your investment reasonably future-proof. In fact, it's the ease of use factor that makes the Vaast E/1 so universally appealing. 

Take the design, for example, which is based around a low-slung hydroformed aluminium frame that can be ridden by various members of the same family if needed. It’s been created to handle the best and worst from the elements too. Drivetrains are fully-enclosed, meaning they stay largely dry and free from dust and dirt. No more oil or gunge on your clothing either.

It’s a brilliantly balanced e-bike. Vaast has integrated the Bosch battery into the seat tube. That means the ride is not only comfortable, but the E/1 feels safe and secure. There’s also the benefit of a bike size to suit anyone., with three sizes (small, medium and large) plus a tool-free height adjustment feature that means the Vaast E/1 can be commandeered by almost any family member whenever needed.

Along with being comfortable, stylish and easy to ride, the Vaast E/1 provides plenty more tricks up its sleeve and all for a base price of just $7,499/£7999 for the model that comes complete with a quality mix of Shimano SLX and XT components. Move on up to the Enviolo rear hub edition for $8,499/£8999.00 and you’ll benefit from its automatic variable transmission gearing. It’s super intuitive. If all that is not quite enough though Vaast has its range-topping Rohloff rear hub geared model available for just $9,999/£10499.

Vaast has produced a beefy specification for the new E/1 that also includes front and rear racks, mudguards, plus dazzling front and rear supernova lights. This specification adds on the additional benefit of 14 internal gears that compliment the Bosch power assistance perfectly.

So, why wait? Check out Vaast’s E1 luxury urban e-bike range today!