Sonos Upgrade Program: how to get big savings on the Era 100 and more

Sonos Era 300
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Sonos no longer has a typical trade-in program; instead, its new scheme lets you keep your old Sonos speakers, but you can still get a discount on the latest models through the Sonos Upgrade Program.

Unlike the somewhat controversial Sonos trade-in program – which forced you to effectively brick your old speakers by putting them in trade-in mode – the Upgrade Program (which launched in 2020) has been much more favorably received. 

That's because it’s simple to claim credit, and, as we mentioned, you get to keep and use your old reliable Sonos speakers – or you could sell them to build up your budget for a new sound system.

Here’s a rundown of the Sonos Upgrade Program, and how you can use the credit to pick up the best wireless speaker or best Bluetooth speaker for you.

What is the Sonos Upgrade Program?

The idea behind the Sonos Upgrade Program is simple: register your Sonos speakers to get a discount on the latest and greatest products from the company. That said, there are a couple of catches that are worth noting.

For a start, not all Sonos speakers are made equal. Registering some Sonos speakers – such as the Sonos Beam (Gen 1) or Sonos One (Gen 1) – will only net you a 15% discount, while other products – like the Sonos Play:5 (Gen 1) – will net you a larger 30% discount. 

And, unfortunately, some Sonos devices won’t net you any discount – you can check out the official Sonos webpage for an up-to-date list of eligible devices

The Sonos beam in black on a wooden deck

The Sonos Beam can amplify your home theater and get you credit for an upgrade (Image credit: TechRadar)

Your upgrade credit can also only be used for one item in an order – though you can skirt this restriction by picking up a Set, or bundle of themed products, from the Sonos store (as your discount will apply to the whole package). Additionally, only one discount can be applied to an item, so you can’t combine multiple savings.

Beyond this, however, the Program seems like a great deal. Your discount can be used on (almost) any Sonos product – you can’t buy refurbished or limited-edition Sonos speakers, or third-party accessories. Better yet, the credit doesn’t expire, so you can claim it now and spend it in five years' time if you choose. 

What’s more, you don’t need to trade in your old Sonos speaker; you just have to register it and claim the credit, and you're then free to do with the speaker as you choose – you can keep it, sell it, or recycle it. Each product can only be turned into credit once though, so if you do sell the speaker it can’t be registered a second time to get that person a discount.

How to use the Sonos Upgrade Program

Intrigued by the Sonos Upgrade Program? Here’s how you claim your credit and get discounts to help you upgrade your Sonos speaker system.

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Step 1: Head to the Sonos website and log into your Sonos account. You’ll then want to head to the Upgrade page in your account.

Step 2: Select the speakers you own that are eligible for the Sonos Upgrade Program, and then hit ‘Activate credit’ to claim your discounts.

Step 3: Your credit should be added as soon as you accept the program's Terms and Conditions as part of Step 2, so you should be able to spend it right away. You can also wait and use the credit later.

What Sonos speaker should you upgrade to?

Once you have your credit you’ll likely want to spend it, so what are the best Sonos speakers for you?

The decision will be entirely dependent on what you value most from speakers and audio. The Sonos Roam or Roam SL will be a great pick if you're after a portable Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, if you’re looking to upgrade your home theater setup you might want a soundbar like the Sonos Arc.

The Sonos Arc white soundbar with the Sonos Sub in white in a wooden living room

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You might also want to splash out and upgrade your whole hi-fi setup – if that’s the case, we’d recommend checking out our Sonos home theater guide to find our suggestions for the Sonos surround setups that are actually worth buying. 

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