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The Samsung Chromebook 3 is just $149 for Black Friday

Chromebooks are known for giving you a lot of cloud-based computing power for not very much money, but right now you can get the Samsung Chromebook 3 for an astonishing value. Starting at $149, this 11-inch Chromebook comes with all the power you need to browse the web and work on office projects for hours and hours. 

With only an Intel Celeron processor and a measly 16GB of storage, this Chromebook might seem like a lightweight compared to other notebooks, but it’s really all you need when half of Chrome OS lives on the web. And considering you’re getting a decent 11-inch HD screen with a keyboard and trackpad, this is still a fully packaged laptop for pittance.

Samsung Chromebook 3 (2GB RAM)
Now $149 (was $179) – $30 off
The Samsung Chromebook 3 is already one of the most affordable laptops you could get and with a $30 discount, it’s an even more impressive value.View Deal

Samsung Chromebook 3 (4GB RAM)
Now $159 (was $189) – $30 off
Want or need a little more memory? Doubling your RAM to 4GB will give you the extra power to run more tabs and play higher quality video without stuttering. Luckily, doing so will only cost you an extra $10, so this Chromebook is still very affordable.View Deal