The Rock’s new Under Armour sports headphones sell out in 72 hours

Image credit: Under Armour (Image credit: Under Armour)

As the old joke goes, enough of you smelled what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was cooking – specifically, his new branded sport headphones, the UA True Wireless Flash – Project Rock Edition – and bought them all up. In 72 hours

The Rock is, of course, serious about his fitness – just browse through his Instagram for daily workout updates (and the legit best pep talks) – so his endorsement was enough to convince many of his 145M IG followers to gobble up all the existing stock. (More are coming, His Rockness assures.)

These are the latest in Johnson's partnership with Under Armour, which includes the on-ear UA Sport Wireless – Project Rock Edition cans introduced in late 2018.

Priced at $199, these new Bluetooth headphones are aimed to take on Apple’s PowerBeats Pro in an all-out sales brawl-out in the fitness audio arena. With IPX7 sweat- and water-resistant rating, they’re ready for serious workouts. And they certainly look cooler bearing the Project Rock brahma bull logo on each earbud, along with the gold carrying case.

Those cool looks are all that really set these headphones apart from the vanilla $169 UA True Wireless Flash headphones. Well, that and an “exclusive Rock-tuned sound curve for even louder, bolder sound with rich bass to crush your workout,” per the product page

But if you really want to channel your inner World Heavyweight Champion of the ring and the silver screen (and clothing lines, and tequila distilleries…), you can surely wait for Rock-approved headphones to get restocked.

In the meantime, dream of 5 hour battery life with an extra 20 hours in that logo-stamped gold carrying case, as well as JBL’s Ambient Aware tech to hear your surroundings while pumping the tunes and intelligent Talk Thru system to smartly dip music volume so you can chat through your workouts.


UA True Wireless Flash – Project Rock Edition ($199)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's signature take on sports headphones are mostly identical to the vanilla UA True Wireless Flash earbuds already on the market, but these bear the Project Rock logo and a little audio tuning from the man, the myth, the legend himself. 

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