The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller just hit its lowest price yet in the UK

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Nintendo Switch deals have been discounting the Pro Controller in the UK for a few months now. Currys led the charge with a £53 price tag that shaved £7 off the £59.99 RRP, and considering the fact that Nintendo rarely reduces its premium accessories many were happy with such a saving. 

However, AO and Amazon have both upped the game this week, offering a record low £47 price tag, though you'll find it for £47.98 at Amazon. That's an excellent discount and well worth the cash if you prefer a more traditional gaming experience when your Switch is hooked up to the TV. 

That AO Nintendo Switch deal is cheaper, though the only free shipping method will have your new controller with you in three working days. We'd recommend going with AO on this one nonetheless, as even Prime members will be waiting until March 9 with Amazon's shipping.

Of course, there are plenty more Nintendo Switch deals up for grabs this week, with discounts on Mario Kart Live: Home Tour, the Nintendo Switch Lite itself and Ring Fit Adventure also available below. 

Not in the UK? Scroll down for more Pro Controller deals in your region. 

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: £59.99

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: £59.99 £47 at AO
AO has just dropped the price of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller down to £47. That's a great price for those looking for a more traditional docked experience, and the lowest cost so far. Speedy shipping will cost you a pretty penny (£10 to be exact), but there's also a free option to grab it in three working days if you stick with AO. Similarly, even Prime members will be waiting until March 9 for delivery with that £47.98 cost at Amazon.

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Nintendo Switch Lite: £199.99

Nintendo Switch Lite: £199.99 £189.99 at 365 Games
Nintendo Switch deals that actually take cash off the base price of a console don't appear too often, so this £10 discount is an excellent offer if you're after the grey Switch Lite this week.

Nintendo Switch Lite: £199.99

Nintendo Switch Lite: £199.99 £179.95 at The Game Collection
If you'd prefer the Coral Pink version, we'd head over to The Game Collection this week. You'll find an excellent - and rare - discount on the handheld-only console right now, and with supplies running low so far this month it's going to be a popular offer as well.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit: £99.99

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit: £99.99 £79.99 at Amazon
We've seen Mario Kart Live drop down to £89.99 in the past, but this £79.99 sales price is the lowest yet. Not only that, but stock is holding out surprisingly well at this discount, with both the Mario and Luigi sets still available at Amazon.

Ring Fit Adventure: £69.99

Ring Fit Adventure: £69.99 £64 at AO
AO is also offering £5 off the hugely popular at-home workout game Ring Fit Adventure this week. That's not a massive discount in itself, but this game doesn't see too many price cuts, and this is one of the lowest prices yet.

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If you'd prefer to get that motion control going, check out the latest cheap Joy-Con deals. Plus, we're rounding up plenty more cheap Nintendo Switch game deals and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit prices as well. 

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