The best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals in June 2023

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in grey and red and blue
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The best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals are ideal for anyone looking to get ahold of a replacement pair, or just to have spares of the handy controller for any extra players. However, they don't come cheap. In fact, discounts on the accessory are pretty uncommon, but we've managed to wrangle a few to help you save some pennies. 

There's a lot of neat tech packed into these controllers that make them a key part of the Nintendo Switch experience, which feeds into their pretty hefty price tag. You might also be forced to pay a slight premium if you want a fancy color, as certain variants are less common to find on offer.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals

The good news is we've seen the Joy-Con as low as $59.99 / £50 in previous deals, so it is possible to get them for a cheaper price. 

And there are cheaper alternatives out there, too, so definitely take a look at the likes of the Hori Split-Pad Pro and Nyko Dualies further down the page. 

Just be cautious of some poor-quality options that might not replicate motion controls well or drop useful features such as rumble.

Cheap Joy-Con alternatives

The cheap Joy-Con alternatives below offer compatibility with the Nintendo Switch system only. You might not find as substantial an HD rumble system or even motion controls with these gamepads, and buttons and trigger resistance may be a little spongier when you're spending less cash. 

However, if you want to avoid the high Joy-Con price when expanding your multiplayer options, they're well worth a look. 

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con - are they worth it?

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con price is actually $10 more than the Pro Controller, despite being the standard issue controller for the console. However, you are technically getting two gamepads for the money, doubling up your multiplayer capacity from the off and giving you more color combinations for your Switch as well. 

However, whether it's worth picking up a new set of Joy-Con if you're not fussed about HD rumble or seamless pairing (for example if you're just after more multiplayer controllers) is another question. 

You won't get the full experience with a cheap Joy-Con alternative, and the grip may take some getting used to if you've grown accustomed to the feel of the real thing, but it might be worth checking out the alternative options below if you're just looking for compatibility. 

How to find Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals are fairly limited to particularly busy shopping periods. That means your best bet for reliable discounts will be holiday sales in November or December, however that's not to say you can't find some cheap Joy-Con throughout the rest of the year. 

We usually see US and UK retailers shave a little off the price of Joy-Con controllers throughout the year but these savings are sporadic and infrequent. Check out the comparison charts above for the latest prices, but just know that if you're pay under $79.99 (£59.99 / AU$119) it's likely you're getting a great deal. 

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