The best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals in May 2023

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If you're searching for the best deals on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, then you probably know that deals aren't the easiest to come by. The popularity of the controller means Nintendo rarely sees an opportunity to slap a reduction on the product, but that's not to say you won't get lucky eventually.

We've seen the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for as cheap as $54.99 in the US and it's been given a permanent price drop to £49.99 in the UK. While that doesn't sound like much, it's incredibly rare to find discounts on first-party peripherals for the Nintendo Switch - much like any cheap Nintendo Switch games. And this is the best way to save as it's not usually included in any Nintendo Switch bundles, either.

You can scroll down for all the cheapest Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals available today. You can also take a look at the cheap Pro Controller alternatives further down the page. With these, you sacrifice a few little-used features but can save some serious cash.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller alternatives

The price of the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may be a little eye-watering for anyone used to the cost of a PlayStation or Xbox controller. There are still options, however, if you're shopping a little cheaper. 

Power-A and PDP are well known for their cheap Switch Pro Controller alternatives. You sacrifice motion controls or seamless wireless pairing here, but the gamepads below offer a similar traditional controller feel without the hefty Nintendo price tag. 

Is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller worth it?

If you find yourself playing in docked mode for an extended period of time, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is well worth it. In our review, we called it "a must-have" if you primarily use your Nintendo Switch at home - and it's great for tabletop mode too. It's certainly a premium addition to your Switch setup, but we’d say it’s an essential one to get the most out of some of the best Nintendo Switch games.

So why is the Pro Controller so expensive? The other console owners among you will have noticed that this price seems a tad higher compared to the cheap PS5 controllers and cheap Xbox controllers we often see. 

However, with all the rumble and motion technology inside the official controller, the cost adds up. The ultimate result is well worth the cash if you're looking for a more conventional gaming experience when your Nintendo Switch is docked.

If, however, you're just looking for a new controller to expand your multiplayer options, we'd suggest looking at an extra set of Joy-Con. Coming in at just $10 more, you get a new color set for your Switch, and two extra multiplayer options instead of one. 

You'll find the latest Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals just below if this sounds like the better option.

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How to find a cheap Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

It's hard to find a cheap Nintendo Switch Pro Controller outside of seasonal shopping periods, but we do see discounts throughout the year as well. 

Thanks to the Switch's enduring appeal, these controllers aren't losing their value any time soon. With the recent surges in demand, we don't expect any Switch Pro Controller deals to hit retailers any time soon. 

That said, the comparison charts above will always bring you the cheapest offers around, so keep an eye out for that $59.99 price point as it's likely the best you'll find right now. 

Using the Pro Controller with Nintendo Switch Lite

You may check out the latest Nintendo Switch Lite bundles and wonder whether the Pro Controller will work with the handheld-only console. Well, we have some good news. 

Not only does the Pro Controller work with the Nintendo Switch Lite, but because the in-built Joy-Cons don't offer rumble functionality or motion controls in the handheld-only system, you actually get access to a number of extra features when you pair a full gamepad to the system as well. That also means you're able to play games that weren't designed to function properly in handheld mode as well.

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