The LG BX is now the cheapest OLED TV you can buy

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The LG BX OLED has taken the crown as the UK's cheapest OLED TV still on sale – meaning that, if you're after the best value OLED available right now, the 55-inch BX is your best bet.

The top spot was previously held by the 55-inch Philips OLED 754, which sat at a price point of £989, just shy of that four-figure mark that walls off most OLEDs from mid-range buyers.

However, the Philips OLED 754 is out of stock at John Lewis and Amazon, with Currys not delivering the set to homes either (there may be a set or two loitering in local stores, but nothing in London that we can see).

The BX has certainly made a strong case for itself as an affordable OLED TV, taking a hit to processing power – with an a7 Gen 3 chip instead of the a9 model used in the LG CX – in order to make its exceptional panel more accessible to the mass market. It makes do with a bit more video noise in dark scenes, which can undermine the strengths of the picture otherwise, but it's still a solid set that we awarded 4.5 stars in our review last year.

Most importantly, though, it's currently in stock, and that makes it the best (only?) choice for those after a true value OLED.

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LG BX 55-inch OLED TV: £1,299

LG BX 55-inch OLED TV: £1,299 £1,099 at Currys
Get the flagship size on this bargain OLED TV with a £200 discount at Currys right now. With deep blacks and an infinite contrast ratio – as well as the webOS smart platform – it's a great centerpiece TV for your home. It comes with support for Dolby Atmos audio too.

LG BX 65-inch OLED TV: £1,999

LG BX 65-inch OLED TV: £1,999 £1,599 at Currys
Go one size up for a big screen experience. You will be paying more for the privilege, but you'll be able to soak in those OLED images on an even bigger scale.

Right now, the BX your best bet for getting an OLED TV into your home without having to remortgage it – but it is worth considering that LG may be releasing an even greater value OLED in the coming months.

There's a new A1 OLED model ('A' Series rather than 'B' Series) which we expect may retail closer to the Philips 754's price tag than the BX's. Again, you can expect some corners cut, and some compromises to picture or build quality.

The two key differences between the A Series and B Series seems to be that the former is a bit quieter (20W rather than the latter's 40W), and doesn't support HDMI 2.1 (a feature you will find in the LG BX, and this year's new C1 / G1 models).

HDMI 2.1 is needed for a host of gamer-centric features like 4K/120Hz gameplay, as well as VRR (variable refresh rate), so the A1 probably won't be a TV of choice for those hoping to get max performance out of their PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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