The iPhone 14 line could come in an impressive array of colors

iPhone 13 Pro Max
An iPhone 13 Pro Max (Image credit: TechRadar)

If you were hoping the iPhone 14 line would come in a wide range of colors you might be in luck, as the latest leak suggests all four models might be offered in eight different shades.

That’s based on images of unofficial iPhone cases shared on Twitter by Majin Bu – a leaker with a reasonable track record.

While the cases are unofficial, they’re apparently identical clones of official iPhone 14 cases. What’s more, the colors of iPhone cases sometimes match the shades you can get the phones in, so we can speculate that at least some of the eight colors shown here might match the colors the iPhone 14 line lands in.

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Specifically, that would mean a choice of midnight (black), succulent (pale green), chalk pink, red, lilac, sun glow (yellow), stormblue (blue), and elderberry (purple).

Going by slightly earlier Tweets from Bu, cases in these colors are apparently being made for all four iPhone 14 models – the standard iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so that suggests all four phones might be offered in the same eight shades.

We would however take this with a pinch of salt. For one thing, Majin Bu doesn't sound totally certain that these are the official case colors - and even if they are that doesn't mean they'll all line up with the colors the phones are sold in.

For another, these colors don’t fully match previous leaks, which suggested we’d see the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max in purple, green, black, white, blue and red, while the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max would land in gold, purple, green, graphite and silver.

So if this latest leak is right then the total range of colors this year may be smaller, but with them being the same on all phones each individual handset would come in a wider selection. On the other hand, it could just mean you'll be able to get cases in these colors, with the phones themselves differing.

Analysis: this doesn’t seem likely

We’re extremely skeptical that these colors will be the selection offered on the iPhone 14 line. Not only do these shades not match up with previous leaks, but based on past form it would be unusual for Apple to offer every iPhone 14 model in the same shades, as typically the company offers the Pro phones in a slightly different selection of colors.

Eight colors would also be more than the company usually offers for any single model, so we’d think it’s unlikely this selection will be offered on any iPhone 14 model, let alone all of them.

There’s a high chance that some of these colors are right. Black and red for example were both iPhone 13 colors and are shades that Apple commonly offers, and we’ve heard lots of rumors of a purple shade. But we’d be extremely surprised if all the colors shown here match up with Apple’s next phones.

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