TvTak tunes in for instant video recognition

TvTak tunes in for instant video recognition
TvTak ready to bring a new dimension to watching videos and TV

TvTak, a Shazam-like recognition app focused on video rather than music, has been unleashed at the Qualcomm Uplinq event in San Diego.

Powered by Qualcomm Incorporated's FastCV technology, TvTak is an automatic video recognition platform that works simply by pointing your smartphone or tablet at your TV.

The app taps into your device's camera, locks on to the moving images on screen – in the same way an AR app locks on to a target – and then gives you real-time results based on what it sees. These results are presented on what the New York based company is calling a TV Card.

The idea is, rather than being a standalone app, developers can tap into the technology's SDK and incorporate the TV Card however they want. Advertisers such as Pepsi have already used the tech within its own branded apps.

Works on any TV or display

TvTak works with both live and pre-recorded video, and on any TV or display.

The potential is huge. Imagine pointing your phone at your TV while you're watching Prometheus and being able to load up Michael Fassbender's IMDB page, or maybe tapping into deleted scenes and additional content right on your handset. Or perhaps loading up a real-time league table after TvTak-ing a live football match. The possibilities are almost endless.

"It took us just a few days for our R&D team to integrate FastCV technology," said TvTak CEO David Amselem. "Qualcomm's mobile-optimised CV library makes our video detection work faster, providing a better experience for the consumer."

"We have always believed in the innovative power of the developer community - provided they have the tools they need," added Sy Choudhury, senior director of product management of Qualcomm. "TvTak's highly innovative app is proof positive of this."

The TvTak SDK is available now and a standalone app will be hitting Google Play and the App Store soon.