Philips joins the 4K party with its first Ultra HD TV

Philips joins the 4K party with its first Ultra HD TV
Not exactly a party for our eyes

Philips has unleashed its first Ultra HD TV in the form of the Philips 65PFL9708 over at IFA 2013.

The surprise was somewhat spoiled by the fact that the television won a design award from the IFA gods back in August, but hey what can you do.

You might be expecting something spectacular from the design on account of it being award winning and all, but it is a pretty standard looking TV from the press shots we've seen thus far.

Anyway, the 65-inch set plans to make Ultra HD a bit more affordable for the man on the street, rocking 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, "high-class" upscaling and a €5,000 price tag.

That's around £4,225, currency conversion fans, and it lands in Europe imminently.

Smooth and sharp all at once

That price tag buys you sensor controlled dimming, an Ultra Pixel HD engine for "absolutely realistic pictures", improvements to native Ultra HD content and a 900Hz perfect motion rate for smooth, sharp images.

What it doesn't get you is anything to actually watch on the thing, that being the main problem with 4K TVs in general.

Also launching at IFA 2013 today is the Philips Elevation TV which is 13mm thin.

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