Samsung outs fancy new pebble-shaped Smart Control remote ahead of CES

Samsung outs fancy new pebbled shaped Smart Control remote ahead of CES

Samsung has outed its new Smart Control remote for its 2014 line of televisions that, in all honesty, might be a little sexier than some of its recent smartphones.

The restyled remote is now Pebble-shaped, for a better grip, and has an 80 per cent smaller touchpad that remains within thumbs-reach.

Naturally there's voice and motion control integration alongside the 26 buttons. If that's not enough to float your boat, there's a Soccer Mode that enhances the viewing experience with a single button.

The new Smart Control remote will be on show at CES 2014 alongside the company's new flatscreens. Excited? Come on, it's ok to be excited about a remote.

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