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Panasonic's pro Full HD 3D displays arriving soon

3D TV - apparently still confusing people
3D TV - apparently still confusing people

Panasonic has announced the launch of the 'world's first Ultra-Large Full HD 3D plasma displays' – although you're not likely to see them in your neighbour's living room.

Billed as professional displays, Panasonic's Ultra-Large Full HD 3D displays are available in 152, 103 and 85 inch models, and will be available first in the US and Japan before arriving in the UK 'soon after'.

"Now, the professional Full HD 3D PDPs for which Panasonic will accept orders provide high quality Full HD 3D video on the world's largest scale for a direct-view display, as well as ultra-high picture quality 2D displays," says Panasonic.

Growing expertise

The huge screens have been created using Panasonic's growing expertise in 3D following the launch of 3D screens for the consumer.

"The newly-developed ultra high-speed drive technology achieves clear and highly detailed 3D video even on the ultra-large panels, while also, the newly developed built-in "professional quality engine" has doubled the colour reproducibility with 30-bit processing in comparison to conventional models' 10" adds Panasonic.

Although pricing is not available, you might want to start rummaging down the back of your giant sofa, not least because you'll probably need a new living room to cope with the screen size itself.