Freesat's iPlayer trial goes public

Freesat - public release of iPlayer close
Freesat - public release of iPlayer close

Freesat's BBC iPlayer test is now being expanded with the formal release of a code that will allow the public to access the beta version.

Although an access code has been widely publicised already, it is now formally available for anyone, although you need a Freesat HD (Humax) or Freesat+ (Humax) digital box connected to a satellite dish and to a broadband service of at least 1Mbps to use the service.

For the record, the code is 5483, which you type in after the BBC red button page has loaded. You will get a 'number not found' warning, but it will then work.


Emma Scott, MD of Freesat, said: "Initial feedback of the trial has been really positive, with trial users able to make sure they didn't miss some of the fantastic programming available over Christmas.

"For many, it was the first time they had accessed BBC iPlayer on the television, and there were high levels of satisfaction with the service itself as well as how easy it was to set up and operate.

"I'm really pleased that we can now expand the number of Freesat viewers who can access BBC iPlayer.

ITV Player

"With ITV Player also due to launch on Freesat in the first half of this year, we will be the only TV platform to offer catch-up services from both major broadcasters on a subscription free basis and without the need to buy new equipment," she added.

"The ability to access on-demand [television] is increasingly important to viewers, and Freesat's exclusive ability to offer this to TV viewers without a subscription demonstrates our strategy of innovation and long term growth for the platform."

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