Amazon to develop Zombieland TV show for Prime Instant Video

Amazon to develop 'Zombieland' TV show for Prime Instant Video
Amazon is seeking to establish itself as an original content provider

Amazon will develop a TV show adaptation of the hit movie Zombieland for its Prime Instant Video service, it was reported on Monday.

Like its big rival Netflix, Amazon is seeking to supplement its on-demand offerings of archive movies and TV shows with original programming.

Netflix is currently miles ahead in that game with the likes of Lilyhammer and the forthcoming House Of Cards and new episodes of Arrested Development, but it looks like Amazon has now landed a noteworthy show of its own.

BroadcastNow reports that the adaptation of Zombieland, which starred Woody Harrelson and Jessie Eissenberg in the post-apocalyptic full-length comedy, was scheduled to air on the CBS network before Amazon picked it up.

Original crew

The report suggests that the half-hour episodes will feature the members of the original un-dead slaying crew, but it's likely to be a while before the show goes into production, let alone appears on Instant Video.

While the news mainly pertains to Amazon's US-only on-demand service, it is possible that the company could also screen Zombieland through its UK-based Lovefilm service.

Last last year Amazon picked up six comedy projects that will air as pilots through Prime and Lovefilm.

Viewers will get to vote on which they like best, and that show will be commissioned for a full season.

Via BroadcastNow

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