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TechRadar Aussie deals: Get 30% off our favourite VPN for Netflix

Online security is usually pretty high on everyone’s priority list these days, and one way to stay safe from prying eyes is to sign up for a VPN service.

With NordVPN, you can safely use public Wi-Fi spots – shop online without batting an eyelid or access social media sites with no fear of eavesdroppers no matter where you are.

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Geoblocking of various websites and services is common these days, but with NordVPN you can access sites which aren’t available in Australia. So the next time you feel like you’ve run out of things to watch on the Australian version of Netflix, all you’ll need is a VPN service which will give you access to the streaming service’s other region-specific library's.

Get 30% off an annual NordVPN plan

NordVPN is offering massive savings to our Aussie TechRadar readers on their annual subscription plans. The one-year plan usually costs US$69 (or about AU$87), which works out as US$5.75 a month (about AU$7.30 per month).

Now, however, Australian readers of TechRadar can use the exclusive code TechAU70 at checkout and only pay 70% of the usual price for the yearly plan. That brings the price down to about US$48 for the 12-month subscription plan (or about AU$60), which works out at just US$4 a month (about AU$5 per month).

There is also a two-year subscription plan on offer. It usually costs US$268.80 (about AU$338) for 24 months, but NordVPN has brought it down to just US$79 (about AU$99). That's just US$3.29 a month (or around AU$4). The promotion code 2YDEAL2017 needs to be applied at checkout, if it hasn't been populated automatically.

Why NordVPN

Not only do you get to stay far from prying eyes when using a great VPN service like NordVPN, but you won’t leave behind any logs to give away your private browsing and you can connect multiple devices to the service simultaneously.

NordVPN has plenty of local servers to ensure good speeds, plus it boasts an easy-to-use interface that will have you up and running in just a few clicks.

There’s also an automatic kill switch that will shut down any user-specified software if the VPN connection drops out, keeping all your sensitive information secure.

Is it any wonder that NordVPN is one of our top picks for the best VPN services for Aussies?